Never before has it been so easy to track – and therefore to manage and improve – fuel use for your off-highway equipment.



OEM Data Delivery listens to our construction industry clients and understands their off-highway equipment monitoring and reporting frustrations.

We’ve responded with MiniPOD Fuel, a system that eliminates frustration, waste and inefficiency:

  • Provides an obvious way to reduce expenses and waste, and to improve the bottom line
  • Now includes daily email and real-time web reports for the easiest equipment tracking ever
  • Replaces time-consuming data entry and reading hard-to-follow or inconsistent reports
  • Gives you the speed and ease of wireless, automatic, paperless data delivery; hourly, daily, monthly – as needed
  • Saves technician time in the field; saves you time in the office
  • Eliminates costly data entry errors
  • Provides solid data for bid and costing formulas
  • Costs far less than older data delivery systems
  • Provides a clear, easy competitive advantage… money to the bottom line