How it Works



  • For fuel trucks, bulk tanks and transfer tanks (ALL your equipment, tracked cost-effectively!) MiniPOD Fuel is small, rugged and wireless, with GPS, radio and cellular antennas; also included is a keypad, flow meter and durable wire harness
  • Equipment – RFID Active Tag for radio identification or RFID Wireless Hour Meter for radio identification and equipment hours; both are rugged and easy to install


  • At the construction site, the fuel technician presses a button on the equipment’s RFID and dispenses the fuel
  • MiniPOD Fuel communicates with the RFID, tallies the gallons through its accurate flow meter and identifies its location via the GPS antenna (MiniPOD Fuel works alongside the MiniPOD to provide frequent equipment hour meter and local data for a fuller view of all equipment and the job site.)
  • EQUIPCHAT custom web reports from OEM Data Delivery provide comprehensive, easy-to-use reports including web scorecards, plus email updates and “exception alerts” to keep you up-to-the-minute on fuel use data, including any unusual findings or potential problems