With MiniPOD Fuel, information is power.

Don’t lose a single gallon. MiniPOD Fuel lets you track 100% of your fuel spend, whether from bulk tanks, fuel trucks or transfer tanks. End the waste, with efficient, cost-effective capture and reporting of equipment hours, location and fuel dispensing activity.


MiniPOD Fuel Solution

Baffled about where the fuel is going MiniPOD Fuel lets you track every gallon from every piece of equipment, at a very affordable cost
Frustrated that inefficient manual data collection costs money, creates unmanageable data volume and doesn’t even get done right Wireless, automatic, paperless process delivers accurate data from the field daily
Concerned that investment in IT is wasted because basic equipment data is not captured email alerts and readable web reports provide the easiest equipment tracking ever
Pressured to reduce field technician time waste Saves time for your field technicians
Aggravated with errors and inaccurate or missing data Eliminates costly data entry errors, captures all the data
Stunned by the high cost of collecting simple but critical information Costs far less than any other data delivery system, ideal for ALL off-highway fuel dispensing equipment

MiniPOD Fuel is THE powerful tool to improve your bottom line and eliminate administrative and financial headaches. Don’t go another month without it.